8 Compelling Reasons to Establish an Online Presence for Your Business

two women with backs to the camera in front of a laptop in a small local business

If you are a small business without a website or web presence, here are eight reasons to consider getting one.

1. Customers are Searching Online First

If you’re running a small operation and haven’t yet jumped into the online world, it’s time to start thinking about crafting your business’s digital identity. While setting up shop on the web may seem like an extra step, having even a basic website or social profiles in place provides a big boost for any entrepreneur.

2. A Website Acts as Your Virtual Storefront

Today’s customers spend more time surfing the net than ever before. According to studies, over 80% of people search for local businesses online first before making purchasing decisions or picking up the phone. Without any web presence, you’re missing out on a huge potential audience.  Also, there are affordable options for getting a website today. 

3. Promote Your Business 24/7

A website acts as your virtual storefront, allowing potential clients all over town and beyond to learn about your offerings at a time that’s convenient for them. No need to wait until regular business hours – your site can be promoting your services 24/7. This constant marketing exposure helps raise awareness of your brand in the community.

4. Reach Customers Searching Locally

With location-targeted SEO techniques, your business can reach customers searching specifically for services close by. Include your address, optimize pages with local keywords, and claim listings across local business directories. This localization strategy helps you get found by folks hunting for solutions within your neighborhood or city.  One powerful free tool is the Google Business Profile.

5. Share Helpful Information with Visitors

Beyond driving local traffic, a website allows you to share helpful information with potential patrons wherever they are. Clearly outline the services you offer, provide examples of past work, give business hours and contact details. This builds trust with visitors and shows you’re an established option worth considering for their needs.

6. Feature Reviews and Testimonials

Testimonials and reviews are also important credibility boosters. Ask happy customers for written endorsements you can feature on your site. And claiming your Google Business Profile allows patrons to leave reviews directly on Google Maps and Search – two places with major visibility. Positive feedback encourages folks to do business with you over competitors with fewer reviews.

7. Attract Customers Beyond Your Local Area

A website opens doors to new opportunities beyond your immediate community as well. With the right optimizations, you can attract customers from outside your local area searching for specific services online. Expanding your customer base means more income potential as your reach grows. 

8. Ensure a Mobile-Friendly Site

And don’t forget about mobile! Today’s on-the-go customers expect any business website to be easily viewable on phones. Responsive design ensures your site displays well across different devices so nobody has to squint to find your info while out and about.


The bottom line is that having an online presence is now table stakes for any entrepreneur. A professionally crafted website establishes your brand as a legitimate, trusted service provider both locally and beyond. The benefits of increased visibility, credibility and customer engagement make it a worthwhile investment, even for the smallest of businesses. Take that first step and start crafting your digital presence today!